Walter Jenning
Dr Walter Jenning
Alias(es) Dr. Jenning
Appeared in Howard the Duck
Status Alive
Actor Jeffrey Jones

Dr. Walter Jenning is the scientist who brought Howard T. Duck to Earth.


Howard the Duck

While working on an experimental dimensional-jumping device, Walter Jenning and his colleagues make a mistake and point it on Howard T. Duck's universe, with the effect of warping him on Earth. The scientist think the machine didn't work, since he didn't see Howard's arrival, but when Phil Blumburtt tells him of the alien's presence on the planet, Jenning is excited for his machine's work and offers to send him back to his homeworld with the same process.

When, in the lab, Jenning activates the machine once again, the Dark Overlord of the Universe passes through and take possession of his body, thus preventing Howard to come back on Duckworld. Jenning is freed from the Overlord when Howard and Blumburtt shot to him with the neural disintegrator, and when the Overlord appears in his true form, Jenning assists helpless to the following battle. When the dimension machine is broken, Jenning informs that, even if they prevented the Earth invasion from the Overlords, they even destroyed the only possibility for Howard to come back home.

Character traits

Jenning is a brilliant scientist, whose thirst of knowledge often brings him in dangerous situations. He proves to be somewhat correct, as he tries to send Howard T. Duck back on his homeworld when he discovers his existence.


Behind the scenes

  • When Katz's daughter visited the set during the shoot, she was terrified by Jones' appearance in makeup.
  • Makeup artists Tom Burman and Bari Dreiband-Burman and actor Jeffrey Jones discussed the appearance of the Dark Overlord character with Huyck and Katz, and developed the character's progressing looks.
  • The diner sequence combines practical effects, including squibs and air cannons, with visual effects created by ILM.


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