Warren Worthington III
Alias(es) Angel
Appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand
X-Men: Apocalypse
Status Deceased (Original Timeline)
Unknown (presumably deceased; New Timeline)
Actor Ben Foster
Cayden Boyd
Ben Hardy
Warren Worthington III, also known as Angel, is a mutant whose wings give him the ability to fly. An underground cage fighter in East Berlin, his wings were damaged in a battle with Kurt Wagner. He became one of Apocalypse's followers. After his powers were enhanced, he received new techno-organic wings.


Original Timeline

10 Years before X-Men: The Last Stand

As a child, Warren Worthington III grew a pair of wings. Ashamed of this mutation, he attempted to cut them from his back. His father asked him to open the door. He tried hiding it but he was too late and his father slammed the door open and found out. He says he is sorry to his father and cried badly. This provoked his father, Warren Worthington II, into developing a "cure" for the mutant gene.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Warren is a young man in his early twenties, the son of a rich industrialist who is motivated by his son's mutation to create a "cure" for mutants. Warren is the first subject for the cure, and when Dr. Rao starts to inject him with the cure but has second thoughts. His father tells him everything is going to be all right. He says he can't do it, he breaks free of his bonds, knocks down the two orderlies holding him down for injection, and outstretches his wings. Dr. Worthington tells his son that it's a bare life that we all want. He responds back saying it's what you want. He runs toward the window and jumps out, breaking the glass. He then flees the scene by crashing out a window and flying to safety.

He seeks haven at the Xavier School for the Gifted, asking to be accepted as a student. His visit inspiring Wolverine, Storm and Beast - who were contemplating giving up after the recent deaths of Professor X and Cyclops at the hands of the now-insane Jean Grey - to rally their forces and strike back against their enemies. He later overlooks a quick talk about seeing Magneto so he gets ready to join the battle also.

During the final confrontation against Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants, his father is captured by members of the Omega Gang, rescuing his father after he is thrown off of a roof by Quill, Arclight and Psylocke. After the battle, he joins the other students at the Institute, now run by Storm.

Later, Angel flies past the repaired Golden Gate Bridge and several people in a park.


To protest the billion dollar "mutant cure" arms race led by Trask industries, Yashida Corp and other multinational pharmaceutical companies, Occupy Wall Street marched from the X-Mansion to Zuccotti Park. Sentinels attacked the peaceful mutant demonstration. In the ensuing chaos, Warren Worthington III, the mutant known as "Angel", was killed.

New Timeline

X-Men: Apocalypse

A cage fighter in East Berlin, Angel is a mutant champion. He defeats The Blob in a match, next facing Kurt Wagner. His wings are badly damaged in the match and he cannot fly anymore so he then quits his cage fighting career.

Turning to alcoholism and being depressed, Angel is visited by En Sabah Nur, who was led to him by Psylocke. Angel's wings are replaced with powerful techno organic wings with blades for feathers. Becoming stronger with enhanced powers, he becomes one of the horsemen along with Storm and Psylocke. He is also present when Magneto is recruited, and when Charles Xavier is abducted.

Angel guards the pyramid where En Sabah Nur is going to transfer his essence into Xavier. Kurt tries to save Xavier and fights Angel, managing to trap him, but he escapes. Angel carries Psylocke to confront Moira, Jean Grey and Kurt in the jet. The top of the jet is sliced off but Kurt teleports everyone to safety after Jean sabotaged the jets controls. Angel was trapped inside the jet when it crashed and seemingly killed.

En Sabah Nur saw Angel in the rubble, saying that he was useless.

Character traits

Warren is a mutant who has always been scared by his nature, due to his father's prejudice towards mutants. He was so afraid of telling his father the truth that he repeatedly tried to cut off his wings with snips as a child. As he grew up, Warren learned to accept his mutation as a part of himself, to the point of refusing Dr. Rao's cure, escaping and searching for a place in which mutants are accepted just as they are.

Powers and Abilities

Original Timeline


  • Flight: Due to his bird-like wings, Angel is able to fly.

New Timeline


  • Mutant Physiology: Angel's mutation is not his wings alone; it also modifies his body to allow the flight; strong muscles to sustain the body, and light, hollow bones. His body can adapt to high air pressures and can breathe in such situations. His body's blood is regenerative in nature, allowing him rapid healing abilities. The regenerative blood can even be used as a very potent healing drug.
    • Techno-Organic Wings: After Apocalypse "upgraded" him, his "Angelic Wings" turned into organic metallic wings with blades for feathers. He can fly at high speeds, shield himself from attacks and shoot out a seemingly unlimited supply of blades from his wings.


  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Angel has displayed hand-to-hand combat skills, especially wrestling based skills. He has displayed these skills while fighting Nightcrawler and the Blob.
  • Multilingual: Warren is is capable of fluently speaking English and German.


Original Timeline

New Timeline


  • Earth-10005 (2 films)
    • Original Timeline (1 film)

Behind the scenes

  • The first pair of wings built for Angel were actually too heavy for Ben Foster to wear and were changed for a pair made of foam.
  • Ben Foster is afraid of heights, but wanted anyway to shoot the scene in which Warren escapes from his father's lab throwing himself out of the window. Foster jumped down the building, but it was a stuntman who finished the scene with wires.


  • In a deleted scene, Angel comes back to Alcatraz after saving his father and joins the other X-Men in the fight. He lifts and lets fall from the air some of the mutants from the Brotherhood, but Magneto throws a piece of a car to him and makes him fall to the ground, unconscious.
  • Although Angel appears in the promotional posters wearing the X-Men uniform, he never does during the movie.
  • Angel was supposed to appear in X2: X-Men United as a prisoner of William Stryker. In the early script of the movie, he was transformed in Archangel during an experiment of the Weapon X program.
  • Angel has been portrayed by two different actors with the first name Ben.
  • Angel's wings were initially too heavy for Ben Foster and were remade from foam.


X-Men: The Last Stand


X-Men: Apocalypse

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