Wasabi Render
Appeared in Big Hero 6
Status Alive
Actor Damon Wayans, Jr.
Wasabi is a member of Big Hero 6.


Big Hero 6

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Character traits

Neurotic and somewhat obsessive-compulsive, Wasabi is the conscience and powerhouse of the team. He is usually the first to panic when things go awry, and prefers to have a plan when dealing with any situation. But behind that gigantic pocket of raw nerves is a man who ultimately will do whatever it takes to help his friends. As an incredibly skilled and conditioned athlete he relies the least on the technology of his suit to aid him in battle, preferring to rely on his strength, agility, and plasma blades to gain the edge in a fight, and is only second to Baymax in terms of raw strength. A pragmatist, he is easily annoyed by Fred's antics and sense of humor, but gets along easily with no-nonsense types like Hiro and Tadashi, while Go-Go's impulsive and high-speed personality racks his nerves and easily flusters the big guy. After Hiro sets Baymax on Callaghan in a fit of murderous rage, Wasabi is the first to speak for the group, saying that they didn't sign up for murder. He is also a fierce front line fighter who can easily decimate his enemies with his plasma blades, slicing them up, usually to set up his friends for the finishing blow, showing his propensity for a team dynamic.


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