William Drake
Appeared in X2: X-Men United
Status Alive
Actor Alf Humphreys
"Who the hell are you?"
―William Drake [src]

William Drake is the husband of Madeline Drake, and the father of Bobby Drake and Ronny Drake.


X2: X-Men United

William and his family arrive at home and spot a stranger in their home. Bobby comes down introducing the man as Professor Logan. Everyone goes to the living room to see what Bobby has to say. He tells his family that he is a mutant. William thought Bobby was going to a school for the gifted. He asks Logan what professor he is and replies Art. Ronny watches to see what Bobby can do so he calls the police. When the police arrive, the break the door open keeping him and his wife hostage. Pyro starts attacking the police and blowing up their cars. When the fighting ending, the X-Jet picked the mutants up. While they were leaving, Bobby took one last look where his family stood by the window. Bobby turns away and the X-Jet flies away. It is unknown what happened to he or his family after this point.




X2: X-Men United

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