William Reilly
191px-Phat Movie2
Alias(es) Phat
Appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand
Status Deceased (Original Timeline)
Unknown (New Timeline)
Actor Via Saleaumua
Richard Yee

William Reilly, also known as Phat, was a mutant who possessed superhuman strength.


X-Men: The Last Stand

Phat was a mutant with the ability to control his body mass into two forms; one being obese, while the other being a slimmer version. The obese version of him appeared to have super strength. He first appears at the community meeting discussing the cure. Although it's unclear if he is a member of The Omegas, he joins Magneto's cause and takes part in the battle of Alcatraz. The DVD release features a deleted scene in which Phat is frozen solid by Iceman and then shattered by Colossus.

Character traits

Phat was a mutant, possibly a member of The Omegas, who hates Homo sapiens enough to join Magneto's crusade against Worthington's lab.

Powers and Abilities


  • Fat Growth: Phat could stretch the fat deposits in his body, making his body larger and fatter. He could make them grow in a certain area. For example, if he were to focus it into his fist, he would have a giant-sized fist.
  • Superhuman Strength: While being in his fat form, Phat has enhanced strength.


Behind the scenes

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Behind the scenes

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  • The character was at first believed to be Blob, but was later confirmed to be Phat.
  • In the comics, Phat is not a villain, but a hero member of X-Statix and X-Force.
  • In the comics, Phat is known to be a gay mutant.




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