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Wilson Fisk is a New York City based crime-lord, known as the Kingpin, who operates in the shadows by controlling various shell companies and the Tracksuit Mafia.



Early Life[]

When Wilson Fisk was twelve he was being bullied. His father, Bill, took Wilson to teach Bernie Walker a lesson, bullying his son into kicking Bernie while he was down. They returned home and Bill told Wilson to sit and think about things whilst staring at the wall. Bill then began to beat his wife, Marlene. An enraged Wilson picked up a hammer and bludgeoned his father to death to protect his mother. His mother then instructed him as together they hid the body.

"Into the Ring"[]

After having a meeting with different criminal lieutenants, James Wesley reports to Fisk a man "whose name will not be said". Wesley is told to open a file on Nelson and Murdock for future reference.

"Rabbit in a Snow Storm"[]

Fisk visited Scene Contempo Gallery and stared at a pure white painting he was approached by a beautiful woman called Vanessa Marianna and the pair discussed art and this painting. When Vanessa asked him how the painting made him feel, Fisk told her it made him feel alone.

"In the Blood"[]

Fisk later returned to the art gallery and, despite his shyness, asked Vanessa if she would like to join him for dinner. Although she told him she was busy that night, she told him she would still happily join him.

That night at dinner, the pair discussed their past. At one point, Vanessa mentioned Fisk's cufflinks, which he would often touch while speaking. Fisk told her that they were his father's and he wore them to remember him. As the dinner wore on, the pair enjoyed each others' company more and more. Eventually they were interrupted when Anatoly Ranskahov charged into the restaurant, saying that he had accepted Fisk's offer. Desperate for Marianna not to learn of his criminal undertakings, Fisk asked her to leave with him and ordered James Wesley to put Ranskahov in the car. Fisk walked Vanessa home and apologized for the interruption. When he asked her if he would be able to see her again, she told him he was not sure. Furious to have been embarrassed, Fisk traveled to Wesley's location and dragged Ranskahov from the car. He proceeded to brutally beat Ranskahov, eventually putting his head between the car door and hitting it repeatedly in a psychotic rage until Ranskahov's head was removed from his body. Fisk wiped the blood from his face and noticed that his suit had been damaged in the fight, so he told Wesley to contact Melvin Potter for a new one. When Wesley mentioned that the killing of Ranskahov would start a war with the Russians, Fisk told him that he was counting on it.

"World on Fire"[]

While his car was being cleaned of Ranskahov's blood and brains, Fisk and Wesley had a meeting with Leland Owlsley, Madame Gao and Nobu. Fisk explained to the group that the Ranskahovs were no longer a part of their organisation since he had removed Anatoly's head. The group all showed horror and anger at the news, demanding to know why they were not consulted on the matter. Gao asked her her was meant to move her heroin, Fisk told her to continue dealing with the Russians until he could fully take over the distribution, promising to split the profits evenly between them all. The group begrudgingly accepted the proposal, Nobu told Fisk not to forget the promises he had made to him, as the group left Fisk walked Gao to her car.

Later that night, Fisk invited Vanessa for a second dinner, before going inside Fisk spoke to James Wesley about recent events involving a Russian who attempted to rat out Fisk to the police. Wesley then recommended a wine for Fisk to order in the restaurant. Vanessa did show up, although she admitted she had considered not coming. Fisk assured her that however she wished she evening to go would be the way it would happen, he then admitted that although he was a shy man who did not like being questioned, he would always be honest with her. The pair sat down to dinner and spoke about their lives, Fisk admitted that his assistant and friend Wesley was the one who chose the wine and Vanessa asked him about his cufflinks which he told her belonged to his father.

As the night wore on, Fisk asked Vanessa what was the model of the gun in her purse. They spoke about Fisk's plans for Hell's Kitchen. Marianna made it clear she knew he was involved in criminal activities, Fisk told her that he planned to change the city for the better with force, he told her that the city needed to die so it could be reborn. Marianna then gave Fisk her gun, knowing that she was safe next to him. During their dinner, Fisk's men detonated bombs in the warehouses of the Russians, killing most of them, Fisk and Vanessa watched the fires from the window.


After his date, Fisk joined James Wesley in their limo, Wesley received a call informing him that although the Russian's strongholds had been destroyed, Vladimir Ranskahov had escaped with the help of the man in black. Fisk became nervous, knowing that Madame Gao would be disappointed that the situation had not yet been resolved. They were later informed by Blake that The Man in the Mask had seemingly taken a young police officer hostage. Fisk ordered them to take down the men, but was told it was more complicated as journalist Ben Urich was also on the scene, who could expose their schemes. Fisk ordered for Urich to be shot in front of the cities' media.

Fisk was given a police radio and used it to contact The Man in Black after Blake and Carl Hoffman had ensured that all other officers than changed channels. The man took the radio and the pair began speaking, Fisk told him that they had a lot in common but the man insisted that they were nothing alike and he would bring him down. Fisk told him that the man's part in their drama would end tonight as the man would be blamed for the bombings. Fisk offered the man a choice to kill Vladimir Ranskahov and go free. Fisk told him that he respected the man's convictions but he would ensure that he city would turn against him; Fisk then ordered his men to shot Ben Urich and release footage of the man attacking police officers. Fisk then told the man they would not speak again and hung up. He later learned that Ranskahov was been killed in a firefight and The Man in Black escaped.

"Shadows in the Glass"[]

At a warehouse, Fisk and Wesley had a meeting with Nobu, who was furious that his transportation of Black Sky had been ruined by an encounter with the man in the mask and another Stick. Nobu insulted Fisk's organisation as he felt Fisk had not come through with his promises, Fisk however insisted that although the Black Sky was now dead, Fisk had in fact fulfilled his part of their arrangement by keeping the police away. When Nobu suggested that they should renegotiate the terms of their arrangement, Fisk apologized for any offence he may have caused. Nobu instead threatened Fisk before leaving, Wesley believed he needed to be taught respect but Fisk told him to leave it alone. However with the support of Vanessa, Fisk decided to make his existence public, giving New York's citizens the impression he was nothing more than a philanthropist worried about his city.

"Speak of the Devil"[]

While Fisk and Wesley discussed Fisk's new position in the media and Carl Hoffman, who had disappeared after murdering Detective Blake. They were interrupted by the arrival of Nobu, who stormed in and tried to break the hand of Fisk's security guard Francis. Although Wesley began translating for Nobu, he threatened that if he continued, Nobu would cut out his tongue. Nobu revealed he was furious that Fisk had not delivered the city block that he had been promised, Fisk tried to offer another as the original was proving difficult to clear but Nobu insisted on getting the one he wanted. Fisk then asked Nobu to assist him with finding and killing The Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

Fisk arrived at the Scene Contempo Gallery to meet Vanessa, there he was introduced to Matt Murdock who was looking to purchase some art. When Fisk was asked his advice on what Murdock should purchase, he simply told him to buy whatever Marianna told him to buy. Murdock however reminded him that they should not being talking as they were on opposing sides of a law case. Fisk began to explain his plans on improving Hell's Kitchen but Vanessa stopped him. Murdock then decided to leave, saying that he needed to consider the cost of the art works before he purchased them.

Fisk ordered the assassination of Elena Cardenas, one of the tenants from the building Nobu wanted, he was later approached by the media about her death and claimed that he was mourning her death and called it a tragedy. Fisk later arrived at the warehouse where Nobu had fought The Man in Black until his death. With the masked man still alive but terribly wounded, Fisk confronted him, thanking him for killing Nobu for him and admitted to organizing the death of Mrs. Cardenas. The man in black asked he was going to kill him, and the two began fighting, Fisk was able to easily overpower the wounded the man in black and beat him mercilessly. At one point the masked man tried to cut him but Fisk was saved by his armored suit. With the masked man lying, nearly dead on the ground, Fisk ordered James Wesley to shot him, but the masked man was able to leap out of a window and escaped.

"Nelson v. Murdock"[]

Fisk had another meeting with Madame Gao, this time in the open air, looking out over the city. Gao commented on James Wesley's absence, who was no longer needed to translate. Gao told Fisk a metaphorical tale of a snake that died after mistaking an elephant for prey. When Gao expressed her disappointment at Nobu's death, Fisk claimed he did not expect Nobu to go against the man in black himself. Gao warned Fisk that Nobu's Clan were preparing for retaliation after their boss's death, she asked him if his ambition would ever turn to her, but Fisk assured her that she had his respect so he would not. She told him his mind was distracted by his heart, she spoke in English to tell him to decide if he was the savior or oppressor of the city.

Fisk later attended the fundraiser and gave a speech to the attendants in which he put forward the question of who would not want to stand up and make their city a better place. Fisk began walking through the room greeting people and thanking others for their donations. Fisk spoke to Leland Owlsley who assured him that the business with Gao was taken care of, Owlsley then offered them a drink of champagne which Vanessa gratefully accepted. While Fisk was speaking to a Senator, many of the attendants began to collapse after drinking the champagne, including Vanessa, Fisk ran to her aid and caught her just as she collapsed and began foaming at the mouth.

"The Path of the Righteous"[]

Fisk stormed into a nearby hospital carrying Vanessa, as they explained what happened to the doctors, Wesley assured Fisk that Doctor Rosenberg had been contacted and was on his way, Fisk demanded to be allowed to be with her but was sent away by a nurse. Fisk waited in silence for news until Wesley brought him a cup of coffee. They discussed who could be responsible for the attack, Wesley told him that Owlsley believed Nobu's Clan was responsible. Fisk ordered Wesley to bring him the person responsible so he could look in their eyes as he killed them, he then explained he wanted her sent away for her own protection. He thanked Wesley personally for his help before being informed that Vanessa had survived.

Fisk sat beside Vanessa's bed, ignoring all phone calls. When Fisk left the room he spoke to Wesley who asked about her condition, Fisk asked him to call his mother and ask what she wanted. Sitting by her bedside, Fisk spoke to the sleeping Vanessa about his family and religion, he swore to make the people who tried to kill her suffer. He was informed by Francis that Wesley had departed for unknown reasons, when he tried to phone his friend, he received no answer.

"The Ones We Leave Behind"[]

Vanessa awoke, Fisk told her what had happened and apologized for getting her hurt. When he told her that he was sending her away for her safety, she refused. They were interrupted when Francis informed Fisk that Wesley had been located. Fisk went to his location and found Wesley had been killed after being shot multiple times in the chest. When Francis revealed that Wesley had not informed him of why he was leaving, Fisk lost his temper and beat Francis mercilessly until Owlsley convinced him to stop. Once he calmed down, the heartbroken Fisk slowly sat beside the body of his closest friend. He kissed Wesley's forehead and vowed to get revenge on whoever killed him, although Owlsley tried to keep his mind focused on the endgame before starting a war. Fisk took Wesley's phone and discovered the last call he made was to Fisk's mother. Believing her to be in danger, Fisk had his mother moved from her nursing home to Italy. As he had her driven away, Fisk desperately tried to explain to her the reasons for having her moved but she was upset as she greatly enjoyed living there and she didn't speak Italian and didn't know what she would watch on the Television. His mother was often confused by the situation due to her dementia, repeating that it was a beautiful day multiple times. Fisk asked her about what she had spoken to James Wesley about the night before but she struggled to recall.

Fisk met with Owlsley to discuss what he had learned about who was responsible for the recent attacks, Owlsley claimed that he had been unable to find anything to blame the Japanese. Fisk ordered Francis to double the offer for information and keep doubling it until someone talked. He then received a call on James Wesley's phone from his contacts at the New York Bulletin in which he learned that Ben Urich had had a meeting with his mother and had likely gained valuable information about his past. With his information Fisk left the meeting immediately.

Having learned of Ben Urich's involvement and questioning of his mother, Fisk chose to break into Urich's home and confront him. When Urich arrived, having been fired from the New York Bulletin, he sat at his computer to write a blog exposing Fisk. Fisk spoke calmly to him, revealing his presence, Urich demanded that he leave but Fisk insisted he stay until he had spoken his piece. Fisk apologized to Urich for not taking him seriously as a journalist before revealing he did indeed have someone at the Bulletin under his pay. Fisk mocked Urich's attempts to reveal the story by using the internet as he believed that the internet was filled with nothing but videos of cats and celebrity news. Fisk asked Urich if he had been alone when questioning his mother, Urich remained calm, stating he was not easily intimidated when threatened due to his many years doing the job. Fisk however told him that as he had gone after his mother, he was not there to threaten Urich but was there to kill him. Fisk then launched out of his seat and attacked Urich, wrapping his massive hands around his throat, and although he attempted to fight back, before long Fisk had choked the life out of him and left his body lying in his trashed apartment.


Back in his penthouse, Fisk continued caring for Vanessa, who was still recovering from her assassination attempt. When she asked what he was doing, he told her he was reviewing the funds to have her moved out of the country so he could move the funds back, allowing her to stay with him. Although Fisk had a good understanding of financial paperwork, he became confused at some irregularities in the paperwork so called for a meeting with Leland Owlsley to discuss them.

Fisk met with Owlsley and they discussed the final stages of Fisk's plans for the city, Owlsley stating they would need a replacement for Madame Gao's heroin business as it had been destroyed by the masked man. Fisk presented him with the paperwork and asked about the irregularities he had discovered, Owlsley claimed that it was normal as money was being moved around constantly, however when Owlsley tried to hand the papers back, Fisk noted that his hands were shaking and he was sweating. Seeing no other alternative, Owlsley confessed to trying to kill Vanessa in an attempt to get Fisk's mind back on the job, although he denied any involvement with James Wesley's death. Owlsley then told him that their partnership was over and Fisk was to hand over half his assets to him, when Fisk asked why he should do this, Owlsley informed him that he had Carl Hoffman and Hoffman was willing to go to the police if anything happened to Owlsley. He explained that he had more than enough money overseas for he and his son Lee to get away from Fisk and never be seen again. Furious, Fisk refused the offer and attacked Owlsley, hitting him hard across the face, Owlsley tried to defend himself by using his stun gun but Fisk was so angry it seemed only to fuel his anger. Fisk threw Owlsley down an elevator shaft, killing him before ordering his men to find and kill Hoffman.

Fisk later received a call informing him that Hoffman had been located, he ordered that the closest team be sent in to assassinate him. The team failed and Hoffman was rescued by the man in the mask, Hoffman went to the police and exposed Fisk's entire operation, leading to the arrests of everyone Fisk had paid off. Knowing that there was nothing to stop him being arrested, Fisk proposed to Vanessa just as the FBI broke into his pent house to arrest him. He was taken outside and put in the back of an armored van as the paparazzi surrounded him asking questions. Inside the FBI van, Fisk began reciting a biblical parable to his two guards, specifically the story of the Good Samaritan, in which a man is beaten and left in the dirt, only to be ignored and left to die by a priest and another religious man. Then a Samaritan came and helped the man without a second thought, caring for his wounds and giving his own money for the man to be taken care of. He did this because the traveler was his neighbor and he loved his city. Fisk explained that he had always believed he was the Samaritan in the story, but he had since learned he was not the Samaritan, or the priest, but he was the ill-intent of the man who had attacked the traveler who was on a road he should not have been on.

As Fisk finished his tale, the armored van was stopped in the middle of the road and a firefight broke out. When the firefight ended, the attackers banged on the door and demanded the guards to open it, one of the guards watching Fisk shot the other and freed Fisk. Fisk calmly walked to the other van before ordering his men to kill anyone who attempted to follow them. Arriving at a warehouse, Fisk was moved into a third van to avoid detection. Once on the move Fisk called Vanessa and told her to leave on the helicopter if he was not with her in twenty minutes.

Before they arrived, however, the van was attacked by Matthew Murdock in his new Daredevil suit, who caused it to crash. Fisk fell out of the van, dazed and confused by the crash and was confronted by Matt who told him not everyone deserves a happy ending. While Matt fought Fisk's guards, Fisk attempted to escape on foot only to be cornered by his enemy, Fisk roared at Matt, telling him he was going to kill him. The pair engaged in a fierce and aggressive fight, where Matt's speed and agility was equally matched against Fisk's brute strength and determination. Although Daredevil's new suit gave him extra protection, Fisk was still able to nearly beat him to death by throwing him in the air and slamming him hard on the ground before beating him with a metal stick, all while ranting about how the city did not deserve heroes but deserved people like himself and his father. Matt managed to disarm Fisk and used his own batons to beat him into submission. Fisk mocked Daredevil's attempts to make a difference in the city while wearing his costume, but with a final hard punch to the face, Matt knocked out Fisk and had him arrested by the police again.

Fisk was taken to Ryker's Island to await his trial for his many crimes, and locked in an empty cold cell alone. Wearing just his standard white prison uniform, Fisk could do nothing but sit alone on his bed and stare at the blank white wall in front of him.

"Guilty as Sin"[]

Fisk is visited by Frank Castle when Frank is escorted to the yard by one of Fisks' men.

"Seven Minutes in Heaven"[]

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"The Man in The Box"[]

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"So This Is Christmas?"[]

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Daredevil: Born Again[]

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Despite being one of New York City's most powerful crime lords, Wilson has a very shy and introverted demeanor. He did not like crowds and was uncomfortable around other people, until Vanessa Marianna's involvement. Wilson almost had an "OCD-like" mindset, being a creature of habit and hating when things in his life changed, or went against how they were planned. Wilson's broken childhood had a lasting effect on him, still causing him nightmares even into his later years. He even hallucinated his reflection in the mirror having the image of his younger self covered in blood after murdering his father.

He is a man of respect and manners and thus expected it from his subordinates, as he would attack and sometimes kill those who did not show him or those he cares for respect. Wilson is a man of deep sophistication, enjoying the high-class life despite his poor origins. He enjoyed fine suits, fine dining and classic literature and music. He considered himself a man of honor and always kept his word.

However, if Wilson was provoked he had an unstoppable, almost animal-like rage. His aggression was immense, nothing could get in his way, if those he cared about or his plan for the city were in danger. This was largely due to his abusive father, who taught him to keep hitting someone even when they were bloodied and beaten. While he can be a brutal, cold, calculating machine, he honestly believed what he was doing for Hell's Kitchen was righteous.

There are only four people that Wilson has ever cared for in his life. Wilson's mother was the only person that showed him love and respect, and thus Wilson would kill to protect her, killing both Ben Urich and his own father for her. Vanessa Marianna became the love of his life; Wilson once brutally beat a man to death and removed his head with a car door for simply interrupting their date. When Leland Owlsley had been involved in poisoning Vanessa, he threw him down an elevator shaft to his death. James Wesley was the only man Fisk ever called a friend; he was emotionally distraught upon learning the death of Wesley, even kissing the forehead of his dead friend. Fisk had a deep respect and almost fear of Madame Gao, and her opinion of him.

Vanessa Marianna's affect on him made him more vulnerable and less able to run his organization because his focus was primarily on her. He ignored both Madame's and Leland's warnings to cut ties to her and as such, Leland betrayed him by dealing with Madame and was part of the plot to poison Vanessa. Fisk was shocked at his friend's betrayal and it took time for him to come to his senses and kill Leland. When his criminal organization was brought down and his plans for the city ruined, he finally snapped and no longer cared about the city, saying it deserved to be destroyed and it deserved people like his father. His belief was shown when he related himself to the antagonist of the Good Samaritan story, as he first thought himself to be the hero of it.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Immense Strength: Whilst Kingpin is human, he is incredibly strong almost to superhuman levels. He is able to rip a car door right off its hinges with little effort.
  • Durability: Kingpin was durable enough to endure being shot in the chest with an arrow, hit by a car and then blown up with trick arrows.


  • Master Tactician: Wilson has managed to cause a fair deal of the criminal activity of Hell's Kitchen for years without revealing his identity to the public. Even when he revealed himself, he fooled the public into rooting for him and viewing Daredevil as a terrorist. Whilst in prison, Wilson was able to maneuver himself from being a first-time inmate to being almost in control of the whole prison he was incarcerated in within a mere matter of months by eliminating his competition. Hence, Wilson was even able to persuade fellow inmate Frank Castle to kill a rival powerful prisoner for him, despite the fact that the Punisher usually went out of his way to avoid making deals with criminals.
  • Master Manipulator: Wilson has vast wealth, but also vast manipulations over the individuals that he encounters along the way. On his first meeting with Frank Castle, he managed to manipulate him and "recruit" him as his own "soldier", in order to assassinate Dutton in prison. Thus; it proves that Wilson is extremely manipulative, no matter which individual he meets on his way.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Despite having no formal combat training, Wilson is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant; due to his size and pure muscle, with his immense brute strength allowing Wilson to lift a grown man into the air with a single arm, to beat men to death with only a few hits, to bench press an extreme amount of weight on a prison barbell and to toss Daredevil around a small alley. Thus; Wilson was able to fight the highly skilled Daredevil almost to a standstill in their second duel. Wilson also used his great strength to knock down and overpower Frank Castle, although it should be noted that the latter was limited at the time by having his hands and legs cuffed together, as well as him still not having yet fully recovered from numerous wounds.
  • Multilingualism: Wilson is capable of fluently speaking English, Mandarin and Japanese.



Behind the scenes[]

  • Vincent D'Onofrio spoke on whether Kingpin in Hawkeye was the same character as Kingpin in Daredevil stating; "Obviously, in the show he's physically stronger and can take more physical abuse. But emotionally, and as far as the history that was discussed, it was done with an eye on connecting as many dots from Daredevil to Hawkeye as possible," he confirmed. "There are obviously things that we can't connect - for instance, he's stronger - but as far as how I played him and the history that I carry myself from and into Hawkeye, he is the same guy." This means that while D'Onofrio approached the character from the same place, he is a slightly different version of the character who is physically much stronger.


  • In "World on Fire", Vanessa tells Fisk that she was seduced by a man in a white suit and an ascot. This is a nod to Fisk's suit in the comics.



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