X-Men: The Movie Prequel: Wolverine is a tie-in comic to X-Men set in Earth-10005 focusing on Wolverine.


An amnesiac man is wandering through the snowswept Canadian wilderness, attempting to discover who he really is. His name is Logan—but instead of uncovering his true identity, he'll encounter a beautiful damsel in distress! Who are the agents following her... and will the mutant codenamed Wolverine be able to save this woman from their clutches? More importantly, should he save her? Find out in the comic book that will lead you directly to Wolverine's first appearance in the movie everybody is talking about!


Logan has been criss-crossing Canada for a while now trying to figure out who he is but is having no luck whatsoever. He comes across an asian woman who had no idea who she is and he helps her. They go to China in hopes to spark some memories, but they don’t have any luck. A group of Asian thugs are after the woman but wolverine protects her, so they ask for assistance from the Silver Samurai. She and Logan are both arrested by the police after they spent a night in a hotel. It turns out that she’s a cop. Her name is Natsu Teshima. She was undercover and was close to a criminal organization that the Silver Samurai is affiliated with before she vanished. She breaks out of the amnesia and she and Logan fight off the criminals and the Silver Samurai.


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