X-Men was released on DVD on November 21 2000 and on Blu Ray on April 30, 2009. The DVD was released on January 23 2003 under the DVD cover name X-Men 1.5.

Special Features

The single disc version contain the movie include:

  • Deleted scenes
  • "The Mutant Watch" featurette
  • Excerpts from Bryan Singer interview on "The Charlie Rose Show"
  • Hugh Jackman's screen test
  • Still photo gallery
  • TV spots

X-Men 1.5

The Two-Disc version contain the movie include:

    • Disc 1:
  • Enhanced Viewing Mode containing 6 deleted scenes and 17 behind-the scenes featurettes
    • Disc 2:
  • Introduction by Bryan Singer
  • The Uncanny Suspects pre-production featurette
  • X-Factor: The Look of the X-Men Costume featurette
  • The Special Effects of the X-Men visual-effects featurette
  • Animatic-to-film comparisons
  • Reflection of the X-Men retrospective featurette
  • Exclusive movie premiere footage from Ellis Island and around the world
  • Multi-angle scene studies
  • Still Photo Galleries: character concept art, hardware, locations, Magneto, Xavier's school
  • 3 theatrical trailers, 14 TV spots, 12 Web interstitials, and more
  • X-Men 2 sneak preview
  • Daredevil teaser
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