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The X-Men are a team of mutants assembled and led by Charles Xavier who use their combined powers to protect mutants, humanity, the world and to promote equality between mutants and humans.


Early History

The X-Men shared the history of their counterpart up until 1973.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Logan convinces young Xavier and Beast to help him break out Magneto from his prison along with the help of Quicksilver. After doing so they race to Paris to stop Mystique from killing Trask. While they succeed, Magneto  in an attempt to insure his race survival tries to kill her but Beast stops him allowing Mystique to escape. Beast, Wolverine, and Professor X return to America and find out Mystique is going to kill him during the unveiling of the Sentinels.

Arriving Charles stops her by paralyzing her, but Magneto appears and takes over the Sentinels. He uses them to guard the area and fight off Beast and Wolverine. He puts metal inside Wolverine and sends him flying to the bottom of a river. He proceeds to try to kill the president but Mystique manages to subdue him. She goes to kill Trask but Xavier convinces her not to.

X-Men: Apocalypse

In 1983, 10 years after Wolverine altered the timeline, Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy reopened The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters where they took in many students including Jean Grey and Jubilee. Sometime later Alex Summers brought his younger brother Scott so he could receive help in controlling his powers. Later at night, Jean has a nightmare about the end of the world after calming her, Xavier and McCoy decide to investigate and learn that an earthquake occurred in Cairo, Egypt that coincided with Jean's nightmare. The next day Charles and Alex travel to Washington, D.C., so that they can learn more about what happened from Moira who was also present in Cairo investigating a group of followers who believe in an ancient mutant of great powers. That same day, Raven returns to the mansion and brings along Nightcrawler whom she had rescued and tells Charles that Erik has resurfaced after his family was killed by police. Using Cerebro Xavier manages to locate Magneto and finds out he has joined Apocalypse and his Horsemen. Apocalypse then proceeds to take control of Xavier through Cerebro to make all the Earths governments launch their nuclear missiles into space. In a desperate attempt to cut the connection Charles tells Alex to destroy Cerebro.

Apocalypse and his Horsemen then arrive and kidnap a unconscious Xavier. Alex tries to stop them by firing a energy blast, but misses and ends up hitting the X-Jets fuselage which causes an explosion. While Peter Maximoff is able to get everyone to safety Alex who was the closest to the blast range is killed. William Styker then arrives and captures Raven, Hank, Moira and Peter. Jean, Scott, and Kurt sneak aboard and free a experimented on Logan who proceeds to slaughter most of the soldiers before finally being calmed down and having Jean restore his memories before he finally escapes the facility. Freeing the others the group travel to Cairo with a Jet stored in the facility and dawn flight suits, determined to stop Apocalypse plans.

On the way, a nervous Jean ask Raven if she was scared on that fateful day in Washington D.C. in 1973. Raven says no but tells them that she was scared on her first mission and fondly recounts the heroic efforts of her allies. Arriving in Cairo, Jean discovers Apocalypse's plan is to transfer his mind into Xavier which would allow him to control everyone. The group splits up as Raven and Peter go to stop Erik and the others go to rescue Charles. Nightcrawler teleports into the pyramid where he is attacked by Archangel. After a grueling battle, Nightcrawler manages to defeat Archangel and rescue Charles before the mind transference process can be completed, but not before Xavier loses all of his hair.

Meanwhile, Mystique and Quicksilver locate Magneto. Raven proceeds to tell Erik that while he thinks he has lost all his family tells him that he still has Charles, herself, and Peter who does not directly tell him that he is his son. On board the Jet the others attempt to escape with Xavier only for Psylocke and Archangel to send the jet crashing but Nightcrawler is able to teleport everyone to safety. Apocalypse calls out Charles only to be attacked by both Quicksilver and Mystique who he subdues and tortures to call out Charles. Xavier reminded that through the mind transference process he and Apocalypse are still connected enters Apocalypse mind and proceeds to brutally beat Apocalypse.

However, Apocalypse gains the upper hand and proceeds to brutally thrash Xavier. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Beast try to hold off Apocalypse physical body and are aided by a reformed Magneto. However, Apocalypse still proves to be too powerful and advances until Jean having unlocked the

The New X-Men are formed.

power of the Phoenix comes and changes the tide and proceeds to burn away Apocalypse armor and body. Apocalypse tries to escape but Storm then also comes to their aid as Jean fully vaporizes Apocalypse.In the aftermath, Xavier and Moira rekindle their relationship. Erik and Jean help reconstruct the school, but Erik refuses Xavier's offer to stay and help teach. Hank, Scott, Jean, Ororo, Kurt, Peter, and Raven become the new X-Men, and Hank and Raven train the new recruits for the battles ahead.

Dark Phoenix

"Now I know some of you choose to call us superheroes"
―Charles Xavier at a press conference regarding the X-Men[src]

In 1992, nearly a decade after defeating Apocalypse, the X-Men have been recognized as national heroes, and thus operate openly as superheroes. However, as a result of their new-found fame professor Xavier's ego has been greatly inflated, and he has begun urging the team into increasingly.

The X-Men face off against Jean.

risky and dangerous missions. One such mission takes them into space to rescue the astronauts on the space Shuttle Endeavor. While the X-Men save all of the astronauts, Jean ends up stranded and absorbing all of the energy into her body. Fortunately, Jean survives the event, but her psychic powers are greatly amplified as a result. After returning to the mansion the mental block placed by Xavier in Jeans mind to help her with the traumatic car crash that killed seemingly both her parents is destroyed, and Jean ends up accidentally attacking the mutants celebrating at Xavier's school after a mental breakdown, passing out afterward. When Xavier goes inside her mind to find out what’s wrong using Cerebro, Jean manages to resist Charles attempts which severely injure him as she pushes him out of her mind and discovers that her father is indeed alive. Jean travels to her childhood hometown of Red Hook and the team follows. The X-Men attempt to take Jean home, but she ends up injuring Peter Maximoff and accidentally kills Mystique and several policemen before escaping. 

The X-Men mourn the lose of Raven and begin to fracture as Hank blames Charles for Raven's death and Jean actions, and Ororo tells Scott that Jean might not be able to be saved.

Hank, wanting to get revenge for Raven's death, allies with Erik and his mutant refugees in Genosha which Jean had previously wrecked havoc in before Erik told her to leave and the two decide to bring down Jean in New York City. The remaining X-Men consisting of Kurt , Scott, and Ororo and Erik's faction battle each other before Erik confronts Jean, only to be overpowered by her enhanced abilities. Xavier is attacked by Jean, and nearly killed but he manages to convince her to read his memories, allowing her personality to resurface as she discovers that while her father did not want her and believed her a monster and lost cost Charles always genuinely cared for and had faith in Jean. Feeling remorseful, Jean asks Vuk to take the power of the Phoenix force away from her, though it turns out that doing this would kill her. Before Vuk can fully extract the Phoenix Force , Xavier and Scott  stop Vuk before both mutant factions are captured by the U.S. government and placed in a train headed towards a secret containment facility.

The train is attacked by Vuk and her D'Bari forces. When the soldiers are overpowered by the shape-shifters, all the mutants are freed from their restraints to combat the threat. As both sides fight off the D’Bari Xavier confers with Jean within his mind, allowing Jean's personality to gain control of the force within her. Vuk once again attempts to drain Jean of the force, but Jean unleashes her full potential and kills Vuk before disappearing into outer space. In the aftermath of the incident, the school is renamed Jean Grey's School for Gifted Youngsters In Jean's honor, with Hank as the new dean, and Charles feeling remorseful for his actions retires after decades in the fight for mutant rights.


Despite their best efforts and helping him defeat Ajax, Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead were unable to convince Deadpool into joining the X-Men. Although Deadpool did promise that, in return for Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead helping him defeat Ajax, he would think about joining the X-Men.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Logan wakes up to see many of the previously dead X-Men now alive and teaching, including Jean and Cyclops. He and Professor X then catch up on what he missed over the years.


The X-Men believe that homosapiens (humans) are equal to mutants, they also protect innocent mutants from human oppressors or protecting innocent humans from rogue mutants; despite this, the X-Men do not believe in being outright aggressive, as they prefer to utilizing far more peaceful means to end conflict(s).

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