Yellowjacket suit
Yellow Jacket Textless
Alias(es) The Yellowjacket
Creator(s) Darren Cross
Owner(s) Darren Cross
User(s) Darren Cross
Function(s) Protective suit
Status Destroyed
Appeared in Ant-Man

The Yellowjacket suit was a suit created by Darren Cross that uses Cross Particles, a replicated version of Pym Particles to allow it's user to shrink in scale that's similar to the Ant-Man suit.



The Yellowjacket suit was created by Darren Cross who used the Ant-Man suit technology as a base, it as designed to be weaponized and more advanced version of Hank Pym's suit. However, in Darren's two confrontations against Scott Lang, it was shown that the Yellowjacket suit was far from perfect, compared to the Ant-Man suit; if the user wears the suit for too long, they will eventually go insane, due to the fact that Darren was unable to perfectly replicate the Pym Particles.

After a long and difficult fight, the suit was sabotaged by Scott, who shrunk between the molecules of the solid titanium armor to reach and destroy the suit's circuitry and inner mechanisms. The suit's now unstable shrinking function caused Darren to be crushed in the suit, imploding his body into nothingness, effectively killing himself and destroying the suit.

Powers and Capabilities

  • Size Manipulation: Through the use of Cross Particles, it allows its user to increase or decrease in size.
  • Enhanced Strength: When its user is shrunken down it allows them to retain their human sized strength, which is due to compressed force and enhanced density.
  • Energy Beams: Allows its user to use mechanical stingers to shoot beams of energy.
  • Flight: Allows its user to power of flight on engine power due to thrusters on the stingers.


  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (1 film)



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