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Yukio is a mutant with power to control and manipulate electricity and a member of X-Men.


Deadpool 2/Once Upon a Deadpool

Yukio became a member of the X-Men and started a relationship with Negasonic Teenage Warhead. When Colossus brought Wade to the X-Mansion Yukio and Negasonic Teenage Warhead greeted him with Yukio claiming that she liked Wade much to Negasonic's chagrin. When Wade and the mutant time traveler Cable faced off against Juggernaut. Yukio, alongside Negasonic and Colossus, came to their aid and the three of them working together were able to defeat him. Later Negasonic and Yukio fixed Cable's time travel device for Wade. However after doing so the two agreed that it was probably a bad idea.

Character traits

Yukio is kind, affable, and generally the opposite of her girlfriend Negasonic Teenage Warhead. She also is incredibly kind to Wade and takes a liking to him as is vice versa for Wade who becomes fond of her quickly.

But much like her girlfriend, however, she also lacks motivation and depth. Albeit more cheerfully, there's little to show she has any real passion for being a hero, besides being with Negasonic, obedient to her teacher, and a member of the X-Men.

She shows little more care in Deadpool's inclusion than Negasonic, who almost doesn't care at all. One of her trademark characteristics is cutely waving to Deadpool and saying "Hi Wade!", which is oftentimes the sole contribution she provides to any conversation.

Powers and Abilities



  • Whip: Yukio carries around a lengthy whip which she uses to conduct her electricity through.



Behind the scenes

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  • Jessica Henwick and Katie Leung were considered for the role of Yukio.


Deadpool 2